Effective landscape design is more than healthy grass and pretty flowers; it also includes other elements such as rocks, walls, and borders that define spaces and add interest to the area. Concrete is excellent for use in landscaping designs for a number of reasons, including the following:


You might think that concrete is just for patios and paving, but not so. Concrete can be used for any number of applications, such as firepits, outdoor furniture, concrete curbing, and waterscape features, just to name a few. If it’s outside, chances are, it can be made from concrete.


Concrete lasts longer and is more durable than many other outdoor building materials. It withstands extreme temperature changes like those we experience here in Reno, NV, resists abrasion, and holds up under heavy foot traffic.

Design Flexibility

You can make almost anything out of concrete. You can cast it into almost any shape or form and it can be dyed or stained any color and stamped with any design. For example, concrete curbs can be colored and stamped to look like more expensive and less-durable materials like brick.


Concrete is easy to maintain. Regular washing and resealing will keep it in tip-top-shape for years.


Compared to other landscaping materials such as brick or natural stone, concrete is significantly more economical. It’s easier to install and the material is less expensive.