Full Service Lawn MaintenanceLawn Maintenance

Meticulous lawn care is one of the hallmarks of a well-maintained landscape. Nothing looks better than an expanse of weed-free, healthy green grass with crisp edges. With full-service lawn maintenance from Action Lawn & Landscape, your lawn is sure to be the envy of all the neighbors.

The best lawn maintenance program includes a well-balanced variety of lawn care strategies. Our Full Maintenance program includes all of the services listed below as needed or required. We can also design a maintenance schedule around your preferences. We charge a flat monthly rate for the season or the year, whichever you prefer. Serving Reno and surrounding areas, including:

  • Sparks
  • Carson City
  • Elko
  • Fernley

Mowing services include weekly mowing, edging, trimming and removing clippings from your driveway, sidewalks and patios. When finished, your lawn will have a clean, neat appearance. Lawns are mowed on the same day of the week weather permitting, unless we notify you of a change. Mowing begins in early spring and continues until mid fall—approximately 34 mows a season. Note: If you select our monthly rate option, we will do all of these services or the services that you pick up for a flat monthly rate.

Lawn fertilization four seasonal applications included & recommended (early spring, late spring, summer and fall). The last application prepares your lawn for winter dormancy and a quick startup the following spring. Tree and shrub fertilization recommended & conducted two times per year (spring and fall) to promote healthy and lush growth.

Aeration recommended two times per year, in the spring and fall. Aeration plugs bring microorganisms back into the soil, helping to rotate ground nutrients. Dethatching recommended in springtime. This power-raking process removes excess thatch build up from root surface, allowing water, fertilizer and nutrients to penetrate to the root zone.

Sprinkler System Activation conducted in early spring, weather permitting and includes system activation, adjusting heads & valves on all sprinkler & drip stations & timer set-up. If additional repairs are required, such as replacing component parts or repairing leaks, customer will be notified to obtain verbal approval for repairs.

Spring Clean up will be conducted in the spring and will include mechanical & hand pruning shrubs & trees up to 15 ft., controlling weeds on planters & flower beds by hand or by alternate means depending on size & intensity of weeds, blowing, raking, hauling leaves, trash & debris, dead heading, and ground-keeper services, tree wells around smaller trees in the lawn areas will be created to retain moisture and to avoid damage to the trees when lawn is trimmed.

Weed Removal & Dead Heading will be conducted bi-weekly from spring to fall, and will include manual weeding and/or removal by alternate means depending on size and intensity of weeds & removal of all dead flowers and plant material approximately 17 times throughout the season.

Shrub & tree pruning includes mechanical & hand pruning shrubs & trees up to 15 ft. in height, although springtime blooming plants will be pruned regularly during the entire Full Maintenance Service

mowing season. Pruning of trees more than 15 feet above the ground can be requested for an additional fee. Fall pruning will be conducted one time in late fall.

Pond Start Up will be conducted in early spring and includes power washing, filling and water sterilization

Pond Maintenance includes skimming of leaves and debris on a weekly basis, chemical algae treatment and de-foaming to maintain clear, clean water.

Pond Shut down will be conducted in late fall and includes draining and winterization that will protect pump(s) and other equipment from damage.

Sprinkler system deactivation will be conducted late fall, weather permitting and includes system turn-off, manually opening all drains & bleeding of all test cocks, air purging with an air compressor available at our hourly sprinkler repair rate.

Fall Leaf Clean Up includes blowing, raking, removal & hauling of leaves, trash & debris from all planters, flower beds & lawns weekly in Nov. & Dec. weather permitting.