4 Signs that You Need a Professional Landscape Maintenance Company

Your lawn is often the first impression that people will get of your home, so it’s important to take some time to care for your Reno landscaping. Should you care for it on your own or hire professionals to help you? Here are 4 signs that you should probably hire a professional:


Lawn care takes time. If you want your lawn to look great, you need to take the time to do your research, purchase the equipment, and complete your weekly maintenance. If you don’t have time to care for your lawn, your lawn will look neglected. In the end, hiring a professional will be worth the time and money to keep your lawn looking great.

Product Application

Landscaping companies are required to employ someone who is licensed in pesticide application. This person will know the best products to use for safe and efficient application of pesticides and fertilizers needed to care for your lawn. It will treat diseases, such as dollar spot or fusarium patch, or pest problems, such as army worms or chinch bugs.

Larger Jobs

Smaller jobs, like picking a few weeds or mowing a smaller yard, may be easy for you; however, larger jobs should be left to professionals. Not only can they complete the job quicker, but they will bring the expensive equipment that would just take up space in your garage until you’re ready to use it again next year. From aerating to dethatching your lawn, a professional can help you.


For whatever reason, you may end up with a damaged lawn. Brown spots or dead patches on your lawn or dying trees can be difficult to revive. Professionals are experts at taking a damaged lawn and restoring its health and beauty. They can determine the cause of the damage and help you decide the course of action that will need to be taken to fix the problem.

If any of these signs pertain to your Reno landscaping, contact Action Lawn & Landscape to help you care for your yard this year.

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