5 Landscaping Ideas for Front Yard

Your home deserves a front yard that pops—it’s what people see first and helps deliver a good first impression. Landscaping in Reno, NV, doesn’t have to be complicated, but it should take into account these factors.

Walk the Walk

Some contractors do a great job building the house, but the driveway and sidewalk going to your front door is left wanting. Construction grade cement and asphalt are both standard and terrible for your front yard. Spring for something a little better and see the difference.

See Clearly

When choosing the plants you want around your home, make sure to keep in mind that they will grow. You don’t want a shrub or bush to grow so large that it blocks your windows and the natural light that flows into your home.

Spice of Life

Don’t settle for just a few species of plants. Get a lot of plants and layer them; an evergreen backdrop with blooming flowers in front can add depth to your landscape and home. The best landscapes will have plants that bloom at different times in during the year.

Light It Up

You don’t have to stick with ordinary lighting to show off your front yard. Get decorative fixtures that highlight the special parts of your yard. Uplighting is particularly effective for trees, shrubs and architectural features. As a bonus, the light makes your yard safer.

Upfront Changes

You might think of the time you’ll spend in your backyard, but few people think about spending time in your front yard. Why let that go to waste? Hiring the right landscaping services in Reno, NV, make spending time out front more enjoyable. Be sure to upgrade your front porch, too, so you have a great place to sit and relax. Call Action Lawn & Landscape today to get the front yard you deserve!


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