5 Super Useful Tips to Improve Your Yard

When it comes to your yard, you want it to look as beautiful and healthy as possible. Most landscapes are considered an investment and can add considerable value to the equity of your home. To protect your investment, we suggest you implement these useful tips to either get your yard healthy and beautiful or as ways to maintain the healthy and beautiful yard you already have. We at Action Lawn & Landscape can answer your questions and help you determine the best treatments and methods for your particular landscaping needs. We also have the knowledge and expertise to know how each element of your yard needs to be taken care of.

Weed Management

Depending on the size and amount of the weeds that are currently in your yard, some may have to be removed by hand and then weed killer can be sprayed on the rest at regular intervals to keep the weeds from coming back. Dandelions are weeds to some people and edible plants to others. The climate, altitude, and location of your yard will determine what type of weeds will thrive there. Managing these weeds may require regular application of weed control chemicals as well as changing cultural practices so that what you want to grow in your landscape will have a better chance and what you don’t want to grow will stop growing. Cultural practices include the height of the grass when it is mowed, how often the grass is mowed, the watering intervals, how often fertilizer is applied, and when the lawn is aerated.

Lawn Fertilization

A well-fed lawn is a happy, beautiful, and healthy lawn. It will be a deep green and eventually there won’t be any bare spots in it. We recommend feeding your lawn about four times a year: early spring, late spring, summer, and fall.

Lawn Aeration

The most ideal time to aerate your lawn would be while it is growing. This time is ideal because the grass will be able to quickly grow and fill in the holes left by the aerator. For cool-season grass, it is best to aerate in the early spring. Warm-season grass should be aerated in the late spring.

Spring Clean Up

This is a very important step to take for a beautiful and healthy yard. Removing the dead and damaged leaves and limbs allows more air to get to everything that is growing and to the soil around their roots. This is an optimal time to prune shrubs and trees. Winter time can wreak havoc on lawns, shrubs, and trees, and cleaning them up, and the area around them, will help them grow as they need to.

Fall Clean Up

When fall comes around, there will be raking to do and leaves and debris to remove. We consider this winterizing your lawn and landscaping, to help them weather the winter and cold that much better. If there are elements in your landscape that need to be wrapped to protect them from breakage, this is the time to do it. Reno lawn maintenance will protect your investment and keep your yard and landscaping healthy and beautiful for years to come.

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