6 Reasons Why Landscape Lighting Is a Good Investment

Good landscaping is about more than just a green lawn. It takes unique and interesting features to  make your yard and home look as stylish as possible. Take lighting, for instance. While some people think of lighting their landscape as an optional feature, there’s a reason why some of the most high-end homes have elegant outdoor lighting designs.

In fact, there are at least 6 great reasons why hiring landscaping services to install a lighting system in your yard is a great investment.


Lighting is vital for good security, which is another reason why higher-end homes almost always have bright outdoor lighting schemes. Light is a nighttime criminal’s worst enemy, offering no privacy to those who hope to break into or vandalize homes. Studies have shown that well-lit homes are far less likely to experience crime than those that are completely dark at night. Landscaping companies can help you design your lighting scheme to highlight and conceal certain areas, optimizing your home security.


Landscape lights can offer beautiful style to a yard, even when the sun is shining. Lights come in many elegant designs, like the industrial, metallic products that are particularly in style today. Lighting offers a beautiful visual contrast to a yard, and helps to emphasize walkways. At night, the beautiful display of stunning light, highlighting foliage and architectural features like arches and tall windows, makes your home look incredibly stylish.

House at night with landscape lighting

Curb Appeal

In fact, lighting has such a dramatic effect on the beauty of your home that it gives your house extra curb appeal. Curb appeal is the term for how impressive your house is from a driver’s perspective passing your home, or a pedestrian’s perspective when walking on the sidewalk. Curb appeal is about making a beautiful first impression. Boosting your home’s curb appeal can actually make your home more valuable!


Landscaping lights are now more efficient than ever, thanks to amazing technology. Recent innovations include solar-powered lights, ultra-long-lasting LED bulbs, and artfully designed lighting schemes that make the most out of small lights. If you want to make your home greener and more efficient, talk to a landscaper near you. You can discuss your eco-friendly prioritizes during a landscaping design consultation.

Law landscape lights in yard

Welcoming Warmth

Lighting makes homes feel more like home. The warm and comforting vibe of a well-lit house makes visitors want to stay a while. You can even use lighting to highlight your doorway and garden, emphasizing features that are commonly associated with a sense of welcoming comfort. The warm glow of lights on your house makes it look stylish without being intimidating or imposing.

Return on Investment

Finally, it’s crucial to know this one fact: good lighting design offers a high return on investment. When you invest in your home, you should take care to make design choices that don’t just please you now, but also offer a high rate of return. Studies have shown that landscape lighting can make a home 30% more valuable, an ROI so high that it’s urgent you invest in good lighting as soon as possible. Not only will you likely recoup the money you put into lighting design, but you might even make a profit by adding more resale value to your home!

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