7 Things Your Landscaping Company Won’t Always Tell You

There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that your lawn’s maintenance is more sustainable and easier for you to maintain over time. As you look for landscaping companies in Reno, consider these tips to help make your lawn care strategy work best for you.

Leave the Clippings

Whenever your lawn is mowed, it may be your habit to have the clippings collected in a mower bag. The reality is that those clippings serve as food for earthworms and other organisms that could nourish and enrich your lawn, helping it to be beautiful and healthy. It’s better to leave them.

Limit the Flowers

Why would you want to do this? You may be tempted to plant a whole array of new flowers in your fresh landscaping plans, but the reality is that you’ll have to weed and maintain them when the next growth season comes around. Don’t plant flowers endlessly in every direction without first considering the amount of maintenance work they’ll require.

Avoid Red Mulch

It isn’t the color that’s the problem, but the ingredients. Oftentimes, the red mulch landscapers choose contains arsenic and other harsh chemicals that can be unhealthy to expose to your children and pets. This chemical-ridden mulch will inevitably contaminate your soil and cause problems for your plants.

The Easy Leaf Solution

Bagging leaves may sound like a headache in the making. Instead of spending all that time raking and bagging up all the leaves in your yard, go over them with a lawn mower and tear them into smaller bits. This material will break down much easier than full-sized leaves, and can actually help limit weeds from popping up.

Test Your Soil

Local agricultural agencies provide several unique services, and one of them is soil testing. Send some samples of your home’s soil by digging at least six inches deep and gathering two cups of dirt into sample bags for different parts of your lawn. This testing can help you identify the nutrients that are lacking in your lawn’s soil, which can then tell you the ways in which you can help improve your fertilizing process.

Weed Fabric Is a Waste of Time

You may have been convinced at some point that installing a weed prevention fabric in your landscaped area will help to prevent weeds. It may make the weed removal process easier for a few years, but overall it doesn’t really successfully prevent weeds. They can still grow on top of this layer. So don’t waste your time and money with this step of the installation process.

Don’t Get Too Close

When people choose to do their own landscaping, they have a tendency to make their planting beds too narrow and too close to the house or business location they’re working on. Make sure that your beds reach out at least one to two thirds or more from the house’s height so that the look is well-balanced and results in an appealing finish.

Consider these landscaping tips as you move forward with renovating the appearance of your lawn, and as you continue consulting with landscaping companies in Reno.

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