A Guide to Making Your Lawn Summer-Ready

519434778It’s that time of the year when the weather outdoors is getting beautiful. Summer brings with it cheer and sunshine, and you’re lawn is ready to smile too! With the harsh elements of winter gone by, you’d need to give your yard and lawn some extra TLC to bring it back to life. Spring is the perfect time to get started with lawn care, so that grass, shrubs, and plants are in full bloom when summer arrives. A well-kept yard is every home-owner’s delight, investing time and effort in your lawn will surely pay you rich dividends. For full service lawn maintenance in Reno, NV, get in touch with a specialized landscape company.

A beautiful lawn surrounded by lush foliage and blooming flowers is the perfect backdrop to enjoy fun summer days with friends and family. If you’re looking to revitalize your lawn to get it ready in time for summer, this article includes helpful tips.

Aerate Your Lawn and Clear Debris

Aerating your lawn is a recommended practice every 1-3 years that encourages water, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate your grass roots efficiently. Aerating your lawn in autumn or spring keeps your lawn healthy and lush.

Aerating and clearing the lawn off debris are often done in conjunction. Debris of leaves and weeds that accumulate over the fall and winter form a thick layer on the grass. If left un-cleared, this decaying plant material blocks sunlight from penetrating grass and prevents water from reaching deep roots. Rake your lawn in autumn and also during the spring so that the warm sunshine and water reach the grass roots and infuse life into them.

Fertilize and Water Your Lawn

The type of fertilizer for your lawn will depend on the type of your grass and the soil composition of your yard. Warm season grass varieties require a nitrogen-rich fertilizer that must be spread in spring. You can fertilize again in late summer. Grasses growing in cooler, northern and north-east climates, need nitrogen-enriched fertilizers during early spring and again during early fall.

Water your lawn regularly during the peak growing season, so that the grass roots get stronger, and are able to withstand the summer heat. A deep irrigation system is recommended for deep root penetration. Landscape experts recommend watering your lawn during the early morning or at night so that the grass has enough time to absorb the moisture before it dries out.

157441813Maintain Your Lawn

Once the warm weather sets in, grass and weeds will grow rapidly, making your lawn look untidy. Have a regular mowing schedule in place to ensure the grass doesn’t grow too long. Regular mowing keeps grass growing at a healthy rate, and makes your lawn look neat and manicured.

Prune dead and excess growth off of trees and plants in your yard. Keeping your trees and shrubs trimmed promotes healthy growth of the foliage in your yard. Pruning creates pretty shapes for your shrubs, and makes your lawn look beautiful and well-maintained.

A lush and well-manicured lawn is the key to enjoying the beautiful outdoors of your home on gorgeous sunny days! Call us at Action Lawn & Landscape to schedule lawn maintenance service, getting your lawn summer-ready.

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