Best Lawn Maintenance Tips for Spring

Sprinklers watering flowers and lawnIn order to have a lush, green lawn you have to maintain it throughout the growing season, but another important component is how you prepare your lawn in the spring. Lawn care services in Reno, NV, can help make sure you have a healthy lawn this summer by providing the maintenance it needs this spring. Here are some spring lawn care tips to keep in mind.

Rake Lawn

Raking is important for controlling thatch buildup. Thatch is basically a mat of intertwined, tangled grass and other material on the surface of the lawn that makes it difficult for nutrients, water, and sun to penetrate to the roots. That means that, in early spring, it’s important to rake the lawn to remove as much thatch as possible. You may not need to rake much if the thatch is less than a half-inch, but any more than this requires raking. Some lawns may have so much thatch buildup that a professional de-thatching may be necessary. This requires a machine-powered rake to effectively remove the thatch.


Aeration is another important maintenance task that shouldn’t be ignored, even if you had your lawn aerated in the fall. Aeration is essential for addressing soil compaction that happens frequently over the winter. In addition, aeration will help rotate nutrients and make it easier for water and fertilizer to reach the roots. You may not need both raking and aeration, so it’s important to get a professional opinion to learn what will provide the greatest benefit for you lawn.

Landscaping tools on lawnOverseeding

Bare spots are another common problem you’ll notice in the spring. The best way to address bare or dead spots in the lawn is to overseed the area. If you’re unsure of what seed variety to purchase, you may just want to have it professionally done to ensure the variety of grass will thrive in your climate and grow well with the existing grass. Avoid mowing the new grass until it’s three or four inches, but leave the mower blades high so that no more than a half-inch is cut off.

Pre-Emergent Herbicides

You can avoid a lot of problems with weeds by having a pre-emergent herbicide applied. These herbicides prevent weed seeds from germinating so that you don’t have to do as much damage control during the summer. However, when applying an herbicide, it’s important to remember that the grass seeds could also be prevented from growing, so it’s important to follow the right steps when caring for your grass.


A slow-release nitrogen fertilizer should be used on any new seed you apply, but the existing grass needs a spring fertilizer as well. The fertilizer should be applied when the grass begins to actively grow and after it’s fully established. Be sure to water the grass as directed after applying fertilizer.

Mowing Tips

The best lawn maintenance in Reno, NV, requires you to think about mowing as well. It’s important to have the mower in good shape so that the blades are sharp and cut effectively. One mistake many homeowners make is cutting the grass too short so that they don’t have to mow as frequently. The problem with this is that the lawn is more subject to burning, and weeds are more difficult to control. If you’re unsure how short to cut your lawn, contact Action Lawn & Landscape LLC for advice or professional lawn care services.

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