Consistent Lawn Maintenance to Keep Your Grass Healthy

Good looking grass is anything but good luck and requires consistent maintenance to keep it looking great. Reclaiming a dying lawn is a difficult and time-consuming process that you surely want to avoid. Fortunately, you can spare yourself the hours and headache of revitalizing a failing lawn by maintaining the health of your lawn with these regular maintenance tasks.


Mowing may seem like a no-brainer, but there’s more to it than a simple weekly mowing. It’s important that a lawn is mowed to the correct height to not only ensure a good appearance, but to ensure that the grass gets the water it needs without premature evaporation. Keeping your lawn at the correct height may mean that you should mow more or less than you currently do. The appropriate length of grass can vary depending on the season, but professionals in lawn service in Reno can help determine what’s best.


Everyone knows water is vital to a good lawn, but few people know the best way to water. It’s best to water deeply through a few good soakings rather than water more often for a shorter period of time. You can determine how deeply you’re watering by inserting something into the ground after watering and measuring how deep the water is penetrating. Generally, 4 to 5 inches is recommended.


Reno lawn serviceĀ professionals can also recommend a good fertilizing schedule. Consistent fertilizer application in the spring and fall will help your lawn remain healthy and green throughout the spring and summer.


Lawn aeration removes plugs of soil and grass to help oxygen, water, and nutrients better reach the roots. It also reduces soil compaction and provides more room for the roots to grow. Water and fertilizer are able to reach further into the soil after aeration. The best time to aerate is in the fall, although it is sometimes done in the spring.

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