Greenscaping: What You Need to Know

Close up of agave succulent plants, selective focus, toningAre you familiar with greenscaping? Landscaping companies in Reno, NV, have offered greenscaping services for years as a way to preserve natural resources in the lawns of their customers. However, many people don’t understand fully what greenscaping is and how it benefits their lawns. Continue reading to learn about the 4 Rs of greenscaping and how it fits into your landscaping goals.


The whole idea behind reducing is to minimize the composition of natural resources. People who seek out landscaping design consultations in Reno, NV, for greenscaping purposes are introduced to this holistic practice right away. The following are ways landscaping companies help their customers reduce:

  • Replace plant lumber with recovered plastic lumber to allow natural ecosystems to thrive
  • Use native plants that conserve water and require fewer chemicals to grow
  • Compost the soil for optimal water absorption
  • Limit pesticide use by spot treating instead of spraying entire patches of land


Another fundamental practice of greenscaping centers around the concept of reusing. There are plenty of items you have at home that can be reused to create beautiful yards. Examples include the following:

  • Mulch can be made using wood chips, tree clippings, and decomposed leaves
  • Donate plants you plan to uproot to local community centers or shelters instead of throwing them in the trash, or give them to your neighbors. Plants are expensive. What a great way to be generous with others!
  • Reuse greywater in the home or install rainwater harvesting systems as alternative irrigation sources


This is a mindful approach to buying new products for your landscaping. When you require landscaping installation in Reno, NV, choose items that have been recycled or repurposed for your lawn. Buying recycled materials creates less waste and is more environmentally-friendly. Most people don’t intend to waste materials, they simply don’t know where to find reusable items. Work closely with landscaping companies who support greenscaping and encourage this method of landscaping your yard. These companies know how to apply the principles of rebuying to your landscaping project.

repairing lawn mower engineRecycling

The final “R” stands for recycling. Think about the equipment you use to manage your landscaping needs. One of the easiest ways to recycle and apply greenscaping principles to more than just the plants in your yard is to recycle parts from landscaping equipment you used for lawn maintenance in Reno, NV, when they no longer work. For example, did your lawn mower stop running last season? Before you wheel the mower out to the curb, take off the tires and recycle them. Use recycled concrete for stepping stones or take those tires and use them as planters in your yard with native plants.

Greenscaping is not a trend. It’s a sustainable process that truly improves the value of your home. It’s also a great way to keep your yard healthy and beautiful without costing a fortune. Also, if you have pets and small children, you don’t want a lot of chemicals on your lawn. Greenscaping is a natural alternative that makes playing in the yard worry-free.

Are you interested in learning more about landscaping services in Reno, NV? If so, contact Action Lawn & Landscape, LLC, to schedule a consultation today!

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