How to Restore Your Lawn

Is your lawn looking a bit haggard? Don’t worry because there is a simple process that you can follow to restore you lawn to a lush, green lawn that will perfectly complement your landscaping. At Action Lawn & Landscaping, we know how much a beautiful lawn can add to the overall look of your home. Plus, it’s a great place to play outdoors with your kids and pets. Look for these signs that your lawn needs a makeover:

  • Grass blades are thin or have a yellowish green look.
  • There are small patches of visible soil or wear.
  • Less than half of the lawn is covered with weeds.
  • There are only minor bumps and divots.
  • The grass’s roots are 3- to 6-inches long.

If your lawn is in worse shape than this, than it needs a major overhaul. You will probably need to rip out all the existing lawn, treat the soil, and replant the whole lawn fresh. If you’re fortunate to have your lawn qualify with the criteria above, then you can proceed with the following simple lawn restoration tips. They should take you a few weekends or you can hire one of the landscaping companies in Reno to do the hard work.

Lawn Restoration

  • Weed removal: For the grass to grow well, it can’t be choked by weeds. You can spend hours pulling them up or use a simple herbicide that will kill the weeds and let you pull them up easily. It will kill the grass too, so don’t go crazy with it, but the grass will grow back better if it’s not competing with weeds.
  • Mow the lawn: We recommend you mow the lawn to about half an inch.
  • Rake the thatch: You can rent a power rake from a rental center and rake the lawn leaving only one-fourth of an inch of thatch left. Everything else should be removed.
  • Seed the Lawn: To get even coverage, spread the seeds north-south and then again east-west.
  • Fertilize and water: Your grass needs to be fed to grow.
  • Mow again: Wait until the grass is about three inches high and then start mowing regularly. This will encourage the grass to grow and discourage weeds and crabgrass.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll have a beautiful lawn in no time!

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