How to Shut off a Reno Lawn Irrigation System

  1. Turn off your Irrigation System mainline shut off valve
  2. Open Sprinkler System control valves, either manually or electrically from the controller, to relieve pressure on the Sprinkler System mainline
  3. Slowly open the manual drain valve
  4. Repeat this procedure for all manual drain valves on the Sprinkler System mainline

Remember, even if you have drained the water out of your irrigation system, some water remains and can freeze, expand, and crack PVC piping (rigid, white pipe). Polyethylene pipe (flexible, black pipe) is used in many freezing climates. Although polyethylene pipe is more flexible and can expand under pressure, water left inside can freeze and rupture the pipe walls. Freezing water in the backflow assembly will damage the internal components and can crack the brass body. If you do experience a crack or leak, its best to get the help of a professional in case the line may need to be dug up. Action Lawn & Landscape LLC can also assist you with all of your Reno Lawn Irrigation repairs.

As we all know the weather in Nevada is constantly changing. Call Action Lawn & Landscape today to find out the best time to Winterize your Reno Lawn Irrigation System.

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