Maintaining Your Lawn in the Fall

With Fall just around the corner, it is time to maintain your lawn with the correct techniques to keep it healthy for the coming months. There are many things that can happen during the colder months to ruin your lawn. Some things to avoid are bare spots, suffocating, thatch build-up and even fungus. While most of us might think that it is time to slow down on the maintenance of the yard, Fall is actually an important time for your lawn. Follow the tips below to keep a healthy lawn during the Autumn and through Winter!

Time to Aerate

Aeration allows your lawn to breathe and receive the nutrients it needs by opening up holes. Not only does it allow nutrients to get into the soil but it promotes growth, which is why it is done in the early Spring. However, if done in the Fall, it gives your lawn a chance to grow come Spring without any disruptions. It also prepares your lawn to receive fertilizer and allows it to penetrate the soil for optimal results. 


After aerating, the next best step to take is to fertilize your lawn. Applying fertilizer to your lawn can help it grow stronger roots, and deeper ones if accompanied by aeration, which means there will be a strong foundation when the time comes for your lawn to start growing again. Fertilizing in the Fall also helps your lawn recuperate from the months of heat it received all Summer long. During fertilization, look out for any bald spots in your lawn that might need some attention. There are different mixes in the market that can help recover bald spots and provide fertilizer as well. 

Keep On Cutting

Although grass grows slower during the cold months, it is important that you keep cutting it. Remember that your grass requires sunlight to continue growing. What mowing will do is keep your grass short enough for the sun to reach the roots. Something else to keep in mind is that tall grass can make your lawn look messy by letting debris pile onto it. Tall grass can lead to a buildup of thatch, which can also leave your lawn deprived of air and nutrients. 

Grab a Rake

One of the many joys that Fall brings aside from the holidays is the beautiful change of color in the leaves. It’s nice to see a lawn covered in reds and golds or to pile up some leaves and have a fun time outdoors with the family. However, raking those leaves is one of the best things you can do for your lawn. Leaves that remain on the grass and get wet create a matted mess that may suffocate your lawn and harbor fungal diseases. Make sure to rake up the leaves to avoid creating an unhealthy environment for your lawn. If you need any help doing any of the steps, reach out to us at Action Lawn & Landscape and we will be happy to help you!


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