Perks of Installing a Sprinkler System

Maintaining a beautiful lawn is tough work. Grass is delicate, and its watering needs are very precise. However, caring for your lawn could be a little easier if you have a sprinkler system.

A full-service lawn maintenance company near you can build a custom sprinkler system for your lawn, one that caters to the specific needs of every blade of grass. Here are the top perks of installing a sprinkler system in your yard today.

Garden Watering SystemsNo More Hoses

Hoses are so outdated and obsolete at this point that they can almost look embarrassing. You’d feel foolish having an old-fashioned flip phone in the age of smartphones. Why would you drag a long, rubber hose into your yard, only to have to baby it, moving it every few minutes to a new spot?

Then, you have to drag your hose, wrap it up nicely—unless you don’t mind dealing with an impossible knot tomorrow—and drain it of any excess water.

Why not just rely on a more advanced system that does the hard work for you? Lawn sprinklers are designed to water every inch of your yard without any effort on your part. If you set them to run automatically on timers, they can even turn on and off without you needing to move a muscle.

Less Water Waste

Sprinkler systems are made to release water within a specific range. A good lawn care services team will craft your sprinklers so that the water only feeds your lawn, not your driveway, sidewalks, or exterior walls.

This means less water waste, and less water waste means two essential things. First, you save money on your water bills. Second, you have a better environmental impact. Some sprinklers systems even come with advanced features like weather and soil moisture sensors, which are designed to prevent your sprinklers from running in rainy weather and also sense when your soil is saturated from watering. Then, these sensors will shut off the system, so you don’t waste any precious water.

watering  sprinkler  lawnA Better Lawn

Installing a sprinkler system has a direct correlation with a better, greener, thicker, and livelier lawn. Sprinkler systems can be designed to pay special attention to problem areas, like very sunny patches of lawn that dry up faster. They can also water early in the morning, when it’s healthiest for your grass to receive water, and when you’re out of town. Lawn care experts can also design your sprinkler system to address the needs of your specific species of grass. Every type of grass is unique and has different watering needs to varying types of the year. Regular, consistent, and thorough watering all make your grass look much better.

While it’s possible to use a water hose or sprinkler attachment to care for your lawn, the advanced technology of a sprinkler system means that even those who don’t have a green thumb can experience the joys of a beautiful, lush lawn.

Fast Installation

While installing a sprinkler system on your own, without training, can be extremely touched, real lawn care experts know what they’re doing. Action Lawn and Landscape can custom-build a sprinkler system for your yard, for better grass, more convenience, and more water savings. They can even offer user guidance and sprinkler repair in Reno, NV. Go to today to schedule an appointment for sprinkler installation.

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