Preventing Rust From Your Patio Furiniture

Metal patio furniture makes an excellent choice for outdoor spaces. It is  elegant and attractive and enhances the ambiance of the patio. Metal furniture  is durable and with minimal maintenance, will last several years.

Keep Furniture Dry When water or moisture settles on your metal furniture, it facilitates  the process of rusting. Metal outdoor furniture is more resilient to water  effects than wicker or wooden furniture. However, it is best to keep it dry  as much as possible. Avoid letting water remain on your furniture for extended  periods, as this will facilitate rust setting in.

Keep Furniture Covered

Patio chair upholstery is a great idea. Not only will it dress up your  chairs, but it also provides significant protection from the elements. Use  cushions, chair-backs and arm covers on your metal patio chairs to reduce  exposure to moisture and heat, thereby minimizing the incidence of rust.

Apply Paste Wax A paste wax provides excellent protection from rust because of its  water-resistant qualities. It also helps in maintaining the fine appearance  of your outdoor metal furniture. Be sure to clean your furniture first before  you apply the paste wax. You also need to wait until the furniture is completely  dry before applying paste wax. Use a wide paint brush to apply the protector  over the entire surface of the furniture.



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