Sprinkler System Winterizing

Why use an irrigation professional to winterize my system?

Sprinkler system winterizing is an important step to not only protect your system from freeze damage, it sets up the reactivation of your lawn sprinkler system next spring.  It is important that you develop and maintain, a steady relationship with a licensed landscape irrigation contractor for this, and other lawn sprinkler system services.  Better yet, if that contractor also provides lawn care programs or landscape services, they will be even more knowledgeable in how much and when to apply water.  That steady client Рservice company relationship, pays big dividends when system changes or trouble shooting particular to your system, are needed.

How we winterize a system.

  • Adjust air compressor pressure to the range of normal water pressures. This prevents damage to your heads and pipe.
  • A 185 cfm compressor fully pushes all water from your pipe, valves and heads. ¬†No water remains to freeze damage your system.
  • Heads are inspected for abnormal air bubble leaks as the work is being performed if conditions permit.
  • The system is reviewd as it is being winterized for heads that don’t work, too low, crooked, obstructed by landscaping, and need spring service.

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