Thatching & Aeration

Maintaining a lawn in Reno Nevada can be a little tough sometimes with the unpredictable weather. The constant change between dry and wet can really be harmful to our lawns if they arent given the proper treatments.

Thatching is a process of mechanically removing thick overgrown thatch.Usually thatching is done on older lawns where it has built up over a number of years and is preventing grass from growing. After thatching and clean-up, we recommend aerating and a fertilization application along with regular watering to revive the lawn.

The results can be amazing! Thatch tends to build up in lawns that don’t get fertilized or watered during summer months. For a lawn that is well maintained with consistent mowing, fertilization, watering, and aeration, thatching should not be necessary.

Aerating your lawn creates space in the soil so air, water and fertilizer are able to reach the roots of the grass. Soil conditions determine how often a lawn requires aeration. Reno lawns that are well maintained typically require aeration once per year.  For dense soil, or lawn with moss and thatch problems, a spring and a fall aeration is recommended. Lawn aeration just makes everything else you do to your lawn work better!

Action Lawn & Landscape uses a mechanical process of pulling out 1/2″ plugs about 3″ long from your lawn. The plugs are then deposited onto the grass and are dispersed using a mulching mower.

The result? A fuller, thicker, greener lawn.

Spring is just around the corner. Call us today to get started!

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