The Top Lawn Ideas for Spring

Springtime is just a few months away, and by the time flowers begin to bloom and grass returns to its natural green, vibrant hue, make sure your yard is designed to impress. Experts in lawn care in Reno, NV, have some impressive lawn ideas for you to try this spring. From concepts that make lawn maintenance easy to styles that feature colorful spring blooms, here are the top lawn ideas that you should implement before spring begins. 

The Native Lawn

Feature the finest that Nevada’s beauty has to offer with a lawn that focuses on native pride. Native lawns include plants that are 100% native to the local area and eliminate plants that must be altered for cared for with close precision in order to keep them alive in the local environment. Grass, trees, and shrubs that naturally grow in the local environment will look perfectly attuned to local tastes and offer the best lawn maintenance needs. Just some simple watering and the occasional pruning is enough to let these native elements shine.

The Elegant, Curving Lawn

Homes and businesses in the area tend to exist on square or rectangular plots, and feature buildings that are built around right angles. All of these straight lines look neat but can also look very boring. Break the redundancy with an elegant, curving lawn with pod-shaped flower beds, curved sidewalks through rolling grass, and bobbing and weaving shrubs around the foundation of all buildings on your property. The effect will catch the eye and make your home or business look more youthful, energetic, and unique. 

The Crushed Stone Lawn

This is perfect for surrounding plants, creating extensive walkways, and topping patios. A wonderful xeriscaping technique, crushed stones are a good foundation for a healthy, low-maintenance lawn. Pair them with cacti for a virtually maintenance-proof lawn. Some professional lawn care services can help you install features like crushed stone surfaces to make your lawn look neat and modern. Pair this technique with native plants for a totally immersive, garden-like experience every time you have visitors.

Plant Lavender

A famously beautiful and fragrant plant, lavender is a perfect addition to any yard. You’d be hard-pressed to find any yard that isn’t suited to gorgeous lavender plants. Trim them to form low flower beds or let them expand into big and bright shrubs that are sure to act as focal points of any landscape. Lavender has a calming effect and its pleasant blooms will last throughout spring. Lavender can also be used to frame walkways, doorways, or patios. You can easily improve just about any lawn with a hint of lavender. These plants look elegant and demand attention year-round.

If you’re looking for more landscaping ideas for the spring, Action Lawn & Landscape has many ideas for you to consider. And as a full-service lawn maintenance company, Action Lawn & Landscape can help you design, implement, and care for a beautiful lawn. This spring don’t rest on a plain swath of grass. Let our professional team give you something brighter and more surprising. Give us a call.

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