What Exactly Is Xeriscaping?

Xeriscaping is the use of drought resistant plants in yard and landscaping design. These plants use less water than typical lawns and still provide a beautiful place to spend time. At Action Lawn & Landscape, LLC, in Reno, NV, we know that maintaining a yard in the desert heat can be difficult and expensive. Using xeriscaping principles, we can provide your home or business with an easy-to-care-for landscape that is beautiful.

Going Native

A good xeriscaping design typically uses native plants for the bulk of its interest. Native plants are already adapted to the local environment and should require less care than non-native species. After all, native plants thrive in the wild of the environment where you live; they should be able to thrive in your yard, too.

Water Management

Grouping plants that have similar water needs will help you create different zones and provide water for them as needed. By keeping plants that need more water together and separating them from those that need less water, you don’t have to worry about overwatering some species and underwatering others.

Ground Cover

A good mulch can provide your ground with the ability to retain moisture while also being something beautiful to look at. In addition, the right mulch will often return nutrients to the soil for the plants to use. Some may choose decomposed granite for their mulch because of its aesthetic value.

Because xeriscaping is about reducing the amount of water you use in your yard, it is important to make the right choices when it comes to the greenery, watering system, and ground cover. If you need help updating your landscaping and you want to move to something more environmental, contact us at Action Lawn & Landscape, LLC, for your xeriscaped landscaping installation in Reno, NV. A xeriscaped yard shows that you care for the environment; it also allows you to care about your wallet as you save on your monthly water bills.

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