4 Mistakes You Make without Professional Lawn Care

Lawn care and routine lawn maintenance might seem like something fun to do with the family, but are you absolutely sure that you’re giving your lawn the proper attention and care that it deserves? Even the experts will have a difficult time simply looking at your lawn and guessing what it needs. Without the right education and training, it’s easy to make mistakes with your lawn care. Read below for 4 mistakes you make without professional lawn care service.

Lack of Testing

Soil is essential to a healthy lawn. There is simply no substitute for rich, nutritionally dense soil. The first step in making sure that you have healthy soil and therefore can have a healthy lawn is a soil test. However, most people don’t know how to read the lab results. Having professional lawn care experts to test the soil and then analyze and interpret the results is a huge boon in your favor. Not testing the soil means that you’re just guessing.

Overdoing It

Most people know not to overwater the lawn. However, it’s easy for people to think that more fertilizer equals a healthier lawn, which is simply not the case. First and foremost, not all fertilizers are made equally. They have different compositions and provide different levels of various nutrients. You want to make sure that you’re matching your fertilizer to the needs of your lawn, which would be best assessed by a soil test. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re applying an appropriate amount of fertilizer at the right time of year. Professionals can test, measure, and apply the right fertilizer at the appropriate amounts and at the optimum times of year. Landscaping is a bit more complex and demanding than simply pouring heaps of fertilizer on the lawn.

Too Short

It can be tempting to mow your grass almost to the soil so that you don’t have to mow it as often. However, this makes your grass more susceptible to insects and disease, while overtaxing your lawn and harming root health. Cutting off only the top third allows the grass to grow deeper roots, require less water, and stay greener longer. You should also make sure that your mower’s blade is kept sharp. A dull blade tears the grass rather than cutting it, and that makes it more easily subject to disease and pests. Professionals keep their equipment in proper working condition, and they’ll be sure to measure and cut as evenly and carefully as possible.

Ignoring the Details

Pesticides are another point of concern, since they’re easy to overuse, misuse, or improperly store and contain. More isn’t always better, and pesticides that aren’t stored safely can be a serious health risk. Professional lawn care personnel are perfectly aware of this, and they’ll be sure to handle any hazardous chemicals in a safe way.

Professional lawn service in Reno can help you avoid many common mistakes and have a healthier, more vibrant lawn in the process.

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