Reno Lawn Service for A Weed Free Lawn

Pre-emergent herbicides is a Reno lawn service that must be applied before weeds emerge to have any real effect, since they work by preventing weed seeds from germinating in the first place. If you wait until after the weeds emerge, the herbicide won’t have any effect.

Timing is critical. A common misconception about the ideal time for pre-emergent herbicides is that application should coincide with certain events, such as daffodils or forsythias in bloom. In nearly every area of Reno, the weeds will have already emerged by that time. To determine the best time of year to apply Pre-emergents, note when the weeds begin to sprout this year and count back two or three weeks. That’s when you should apply a pre-emergent next year. Most landscaping in the Reno area start to sprout weeds right around mid to late February. Action Lawn & Landscape LLC can help you determine when the best time to do this would be and with any other Reno lawn services.

If you missed the window of opportunity for applying a pre-emergent herbicide, you can apply a post-emergent product. Post-emergents work by destroying already established weeds. However, take care when applying post-emergent herbicides. Some are selective, meaning they target specific weeds, while others are nonselective, which means they destroy anything and everything green, whether they’re weeds, your grass, flowers or shrubs. You can speak with one of Action Lawn & Landscape Maintenance technicians for more information.

Anyone dealing with any kind of Reno lawn service knows that the weather in the area can change at any moment so please keep in mind that you’ll never get rid of every single weed in your lawn. The wind will blow weed seeds from nearby lawns into your lawn, birds will deposit them and kids running from one lawn to the next will transport weed seeds on their shoes.

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