How to Get Grass to Grow

While it may seem quite easy, getting grass to grow requires a careful combination of fertilization, water, and soil. Before laying down sod or seed, it’s important to understand exactly what your lawn will need to grow. Here are a few ways to ensure your grass comes in lush and green.

  1. Prep your soil accordingly. If the dirt under your grass is compact and acidic, your grass will have trouble growing. Instead, turn up the soil by tilling it. You can also apply a soil fertilizer to help ensure that it is in the right condition for growing grass.
  2. Get rid of weeds. While this may seem like an obvious step, it’s important in ensuring that your grass grows. Weeds can take over the growth of your lawn and cause problems. Either pull the lawn or apply a weed killer.
  3. Find the right fertilizer. Be sure to avoid high-nitrogen fertilizers. While they are great for lawns that are already established, they can be harmful for new lawns. If you are hesitant about applying a fertilizer, speak with a professional lawn service in Reno.
  4. Water your lawn adequately. Most of the time when a lawn is having trouble growing, it’s because there is a problem with the watering regimen. It’s important to follow the watering directions for your type of grass exactly. Later, after 4-6 weeks, the watering amounts will change. You will need to wean your lawn from the amount of water it is have been receiving.
  5. Leave it be. Don’t allow kids or pets to trample on the grass during the germination and growth period. This can permanently affect the health of your grass.
  6. Cut it once it’s ready. Once your grass is healthy and established, be sure to mow it regularly. This will keep your grass healthy, growing, and green.

While growing grass might be an exact science, the payoff is immense. In a few weeks, you will have soft, beautiful grass, perfect for summer night stargazing. If you have questions about getting your grass to grow, be sure to contact a professional lawn service in Reno.

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