Preventing tree scalding

Preventing sun scald is pretty easy,quick, and cheap. Tree wraps are commonly available at your local garden shops or home improvement stores in the plant department. The wraps are composed of materials that help to insulate and protect the trunk from excessive warming due to direct sunlight while helping prevent damage freezing temperatures. Wrapping trees is fast and effortless. Wrap the trunks of young trees by starting at the bottom  of the trunk and circling the wrap upwards and stopping at the first branch. Overlap a little of each layer for good coverage. Wrap the trunk in late fall and remove the wrap in early spring. Young trees should be wrapped every winter for the first 3-5 years or longer depending on the growth rate of the tree. It is crucial to remove the tree wraps in the Spring or it can start to cause injury to the tree and/or promote disease. Mold and insects can easily live under the wraps. Do not remove wrappings too early either. Wait until the possibility of a hard frost has passed before removing.

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