Reno Landscaping : Winter Watering is neccesary!

All dried out

Watering in the winter when there has been little to no natural precipitation is necessary to keep your landscapes healthy and strong.


Reno Landscaping : Winter Watering

One of the biggest stresses on our plant life is winter desiccation. If there has been less than a 1/2 in. of natural precipitation ( rain, snow, etc.) in a 3 week period, it is advised to:
– water all recently installed trees and shrubs ( less than 3 yrs old)
– water all broadleaf evergreens
– water all exposed evergreens and plants on south facing slopes.

We were really hoping for some much needed natural precipitation. Though we are well into the Winter season it is important to see that all plant life continue to get a sufficient amount of water. Plants and lawns rely on the snow and rain normally associated with this time of year to keep them hydrated and healthy so that they return to their normal vibrant appearances in the Spring.
Hand watering

Though it can be time consuming watering by hand or hose will be a big help to ensuring a strong plant return in the Spring

By this time of the year your water should have already been shut off and your system winterized. Using a hose or bucket should be just fine but if neither of those options work for you, Action Lawn & Landscape can help by temporarily turning your watering system on and allowing it to run a few minutes until the plants are well saturated and then shutting the system back down until Spring. Neglecting your landscapes through the Winter can make it hard for them to come back in the Spring strong and healthy.

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