Reno Maintenance for Tree Maintenance during the Winter Season

  • Maintenance in general can be tricky in Reno. Most people think that during the Winter months you can not plant trees or perform any maintenance. This is not true. As long as the ground is not frozen it is ok to plant.
  • Stake only when trees wont stand on their own. Always make sure the trunk is not being injured from the ties and remember to remove the stakes after 1 growing season.
  • Another common misconception is that you have to stop watering when Winter season comes around. This is also not true. If your sprinkler system has already been shut for the year, water by hand if it is a dry Winter.
  • Remember to wrap the trunk to prevent sun scalding and other harsh weather damages.
  • Adding any fertilizer, new soil, or pesticide treatment is generally not advised during the Winter months.

*Be sure to check back for our tips for Proper Tree Care for Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

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