Reno Maintenace; Lets Dance with the Winds in the Reno Area.

Reno Maintenance; Lets Dance with the Winds in the Reno Area

During the season change here in the Reno area it is highly important to make sure how to properly maintenance your property in case the sudden weather causes maintenance damage.

First, removing any weak branches and eliminating trees that could fall on your home during high winds or storms is very important because any sudden change can cause branches to break. Just witness the damage on the house above.

Second, replacing rock or gravel landscaping in your yard with shredded bark won’t cause damage if there were to be elevated high winds in the Reno area.

Third, identify escape routes from your home or neighborhood whether in Reno, Sparks, Spanish Springs, etc. so that you can note whether you would need additional equipment such as a rope ladder.

Fourth, secure any and all outdoor items such as patio furniture and lawn decorations. You don’t want your beautiful lawn decorations to fly from Reno to Sacramento due to high wind volume.

Fifth, know where your property’s central water and power shut-offs are located on your property. In the Reno area, Nevada Energy does alert you on specific power outages in your area within a couple of minutes. As well as know the number of your local Reno maintenance team to contact if there are any issues with landscaping, irrigation, maintenance, etc.

Last, but not least, always conduct emergency plans on where and how you will get to a safe area.

Don’t forget, if you ever need any help cleaning up afterwards, we’re here as your number one Reno maintenance company. At Action Lawn and Landscape, we help remove debris, leaves, trash, etc. Just check out our website:

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