Time To Winterize!

The cold is here and with it comes the need to winterize your sprinkler system. 

First off, what exactly does it mean to winterize your system? 

Well, winterizing your system is almost what it sounds like; it means getting your system ready for the winter. Think of it as a type of dormancy. Although winterization is not necessary in all areas, Reno is one place where you do not want to be skipping it!

Why should you winterize?

One of the main reasons you do not want to skip this process in this area is that it does get cold enough here for the ground to freeze. The frozen ground is essentially what can cause damage since most irrigation systems are underground. All pipping and fittings can freeze and even break if the ground gets too cold. You might think that your system is safe if it is installed deeper into the ground. However, you have to remember that the ground will continue to freeze deeper if it remains cold for a longer period of time. There are other things that need to be taken into account like how old your system is or even what type of materials were used to construct it. 

How do you winterize a system?

There are many things that go into this process, which is why you should hire a professional to do it. First, you would have to shut off the water to your system by finding the main. The next step would be to drain the entire system of water. This is a very important step because you do not want any water to remain in the pipes. Pipes filled with water will easily freeze and snap. Some leftover water in the pipes can cause them to expand and crack as well. To avoid this, you should leave drains open so the air can help leftover water evaporate.

Some systems require to be blown out, which is something done in very cold areas with the correct equipment. To do this, a specialist will use an air compressor and blow air throughout the pipes using the correct pressure. This process is more difficult and can cause damage to the pipes by friction so be sure to hire someone if your system needs to be blown out. 

Then you should leave valves open almost half way and finally you can turn off your timer. These are only the main steps to the process so if you need any help,we have professionals here at Action Lawn & Landscape who can help you! Give us a call to set up an appointment and have your system properly winterized; we can help you avoid costly repairs and maintain your system safe for the coming Spring!

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