Tips to Get a Good-Looking Lawn in Spring

It’s never too early to nurture your lawn. Do you know how to get your lawn in shape for spring? You don’t need to wait until summer to enjoy a beautiful lawn. Spring is the perfect time to for lawn care in Reno, NV. Here are a few tips to help get you on your way to creating a lawn your neighbors will envy.

Get the Rake!

It does snow in Reno, NV. Thankfully, snow season is almost over so now is a good time to dig the rake out of the shed. Once the ground has a chance to dry and warm up, it’s safe to start clearing. You’ll find all sorts of interesting things once the snow melts. Remove any tree debris, including twigs and leaves. Get rid of bits and pieces of garbage that may have wandered into your yard. Look around for anything that could block the sun from getting to the grass that will soon be waking up. Be gentle with the rake so you don’t damage any perennial flowers and plants that are just starting to poke their heads up in the soil.

Out with the Old

Early spring is also the time to clear out flower beds and borders. If you didn’t remove the remaining weeds at the end of summer, go ahead and pull them out. Any debris from fall perennials should also be removed. Weeds need to go in the garbage. Plant debris can usually be added to the compost pile if you have one. Weeds should not be added to mulch unless you want a whole new crop to pop up in the garden.

On the Subject of Compost

If you haven’t started a compost pile this may be your year. It’s a simple project that can be fun for the entire family. Start by layering carbon and nitrogen rich materials between layers of soil. You can find brown materials in the garden and in the house. These include dry leaves, pine needles, wood chips, and shredded paper products. Green materials come from grass clippings and plant material. Your kids will enjoy harvesting animal hair if you have a pet, and food scraps. For more help with composting, visit your local library or search online. There are hundreds of articles on the benefits of using a compost pile.

Much Ado about Mulch

Mulch is a subject prone to its fair share of controversy. Many gardeners add a layer of mulch in the fall to insulate and protect soil and perennials from winter temperatures. If the mulch laid down in the fall has decomposed enough to use as a soil amendment, then it can be worked into the soil. If not, it needs to be removed. This is where the controversy comes in because some gardeners use the mulch again as a top layer, while others discard it and start with fresh mulch each year. This is a great question to ask your lawn care service in Reno, NV. It’s a good time to schedule your first service anyway so why not get their opinion on how to manage mulch in your unique yard?

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