Advantages of Hiring Landscaping Companies – What Beginners Should Know

If you’re new at landscaping, you know that it can be extremely overwhelming. Many homeowners end up spending more time and money than they anticipated when trying to do the landscaping themselves. Fortunately, professionals in Reno landscaping will not only make the whole process easier, but they can take care of aspects of landscaping that you may not have even considered. Here are a few important advantages of landscaping companies in Reno for you to consider.


An unseen and overlooked, yet vital, part of the landscaping process is irrigation. Irrigation design and installation can become extremely complicated with zones, drip systems, and watering schedules, not to mention the hard labor of installing pipes, sprinkler heads, and hooking up the electrical components correctly. Your irrigation system will be more water efficient and work more smoothly when designed and installed by a professional.

Design & Installation

It’s also advantageous to have a professional do the actual plant design of your land. This ensures that water-wise vegetation is used and that plants are placed properly to take full advantage of sun and shade. A professional design saves you wasted time and money that often results from improper plant use and placement.

Water Features

Water features are another component of your landscape to consider. These features could be as simple as a small pond or something more complex like multiple ponds with connecting streams and waterfalls. Some companies may even design and install pools or spas. Professionals can add the perfect accents to water features to complement the surrounding vegetation and hardscape.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Another advantage of professional landscaping services is the design and installation of outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, kitchens, or barbecues. These can be integrated into retaining walls or seating areas to create both functionality for seating and erosion control and to beautify your landscape.


Outdoor lighting is another great way to accent existing features of your landscape. A professional will know the perfect way to use lighting to beautify the landscape and to make pathways safer in low light. The installation can become complicated with electrical wiring and timers, so you can save yourself the hassle by hiring a professional to do the job.


Hardscape design doesn’t simply mean adding concrete to a landscape. In addition to concrete, pavers are another way to complement a landscape whether they are used as a walkway, border, deck, or dining area. There are numerous ways to use hardscape to accent your landscape and a professional can give you many options to find the best design possible.


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