Best Landscape Designs for the Reno Terrain

When you’re trying to do a landscape design in the Reno area, you may begin to become discouraged by the seeming limitations of the high desert climate. However, there are numerous options for landscaping in Reno that you likely haven’t thought of. Considering all these important landscaping factors will result in a beautiful overall design.

Plant Choices

An important thing to consider when choosing plants for your landscape is how drought tolerant they are. This doesn’t mean that you can only use cacti and other typical desert plants. You can incorporate grass and other shrubs and trees, but it’s important to have a good irrigation design so that a minimal amount of water can be used to still yield high performance from your plants. There are numerous native flowers and ornamental grasses that will complement any landscape.

Rock Use

Some people overlook the importance of rock in their landscaping design. However, the use of rock in numerous ways can transform the look of your landscape. It can be used to make dry creeks for aesthetic purposes only, or to be functional as well in providing drainage. In addition, using rock beds in part of your landscape can provide a low-maintenance contrast. Rocks can also be used to make retaining walls, planters, and tiered flower gardens to provide more options for planting. Along with this, adding hardscape such as a patio or walkways greatly enhances your landscaping as well.

Water Features

You may be hesitant to use any type of water feature in a high desert climate, but there are smart ways to add water features to your landscape design. With professional help, you can have a custom waterfall or pond that uses water wisely and adds an element to your landscape like nothing else can.


It’s also important to consider how well you can use your landscape in the evening hours. Don’t overlook the addition of lighting to your landscape to highlight features and make the whole space more inviting.

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