What Full-Service Lawn Maintenance Means

When lawn care companies say they provide full-service lawn maintenance, it’s important to note that this can mean various things depending on the quality of the company. That’s why it’s important to have an idea of what good companies provide as part of their full-service lawn maintenance services. Here are a few services that are vital to good lawn care.

Cutting and Edging

Clearly, it’s important to have a lawn that is regularly mowed and edged to keep it looking nice. But along with regular mowing and edging, full-service maintenance should include cleaning up any visible clippings so that the rest of your landscaping looks clean and polished also. A good company will keep a regular schedule so that you know when to expect them.

Green Lawn

Along with a nicely trimmed lawn, your lawn should be as green as possible from regular fertilization and watering. Full-service lawn maintenance in Reno should include regular applications of fertilizer, including an application twice in the spring, once in the summer, and once in the fall. Make sure this final application isn’t overlooked because it will help keep your lawn healthy during the dormant winter months and help it green up more quickly in the spring. Additionally, full-service lawn care includes maintenance for your sprinkler system to ensure everything is working properly and every part of your lawn receives the appropriate amount of water.


Aeration helps rotate the nutrients in your grass by bringing microorganisms back into the soil. When the surface is broken up, oxygen, water, and nutrients are better able to reach the roots and compaction is relieved. It also helps reduce thatch buildup, which can limit how well nutrients penetrate to the roots.

Other Services

Good lawn care companies will also offer other services that, while not exactly a component of lawn care, will be very beneficial for other landscape elements. These may include pruning, spring and fall cleanup, and pond care.

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