Winter Tips for Yard Maintenance for the Reno Area

Winter Tips for Yard Maintenance for the Reno Area

During the winter season here in the Reno area, we are less concerned about our yard maintenance or lawn maintenance. But here are some tips on how to be ready for snow, cold, and winter yard maintenance.

1)    Remove All Debris – Make sure to clear up all objects for your lawn during this winter season. The weather might vary here in the Reno area, but as you’ve seen in the past weeks, it does snow. Leaving objects, branches, or debris on your lawn could lead to dead spots that will require delicate lawn and yard maintenance in the spring.

2)    Don’t Walk On Me – When your grass is short, brown and hibernating during the winter season in the Reno area, people might forget that it shouldn’t be walked on. Just like bear, your grass areas are hibernating and getting ready to recuperate for the spring season, the less noise (in this case foot traffic), the better. And less yard maintenance.

3)    Protect from the Critters – Make sure all frost sensitive plants have been moved indoors or warmer locations, such as the garage, under tree/patio cover. You can possibly cover those plants with burlap until the cold season has left the Reno areas. Leaves your yard maintenance less of a hassle in areas where it might snow and ruin those plants

4)    Shine Bright and Mighty – Installing a low voltage LED landscaping lighting could dramatically affect your garden. It will make your landscaping and  yard maintenance areas more visible to see.

5)    Call – Don’t be hesitant in giving us a call for any additional information regarding a specific area in your lawn or yard for maintenance. We provide all types of tips and advice to help you take care of your yard maintenance for the winter season here in the Reno area. We are always here to help at Action Lawn & Landscape.

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