How to Care For Your Lawn

Do you know how to take care of your lawn this summer? Grass needs to be maintained carefully. Otherwise, you could end up with a prickly, brown mess. Whether you decide to hire a lawn service in Reno to maintain it for you or you do it yourself, it’s important to know the ins and outs of lawn care.

  1. Mow it regularly. Most lawns need to be mowed 1-2 times a week. If you wait too long between mowing, the grass can grow too long and begin to cause problems.
  2. Keep it watered. Grass needs water to grow.  However, it’s important to establish how much water your lawn needs. Too much water can drown your grass, not enough water can cause your grass to turn brown. Once the proper regimen of water has been established, be sure to only water at night. This will reduce evaporation and allow your grass to soak up the most liquid.
  3. Fertilize your lawn. Fertilizer will help to keep your grass lush and green. However, the amount that you distribute depends a lot on the soil beneath your lawn. Most lawns need to be fertilized at least once a year. However, it’s important not overfeed your grass as it will cause fungal problems.
  4. Keep your grass weed-free. Most of the time, weeds grow in acidic environments. Be sure to check the pH of your soil while the lawn is still dormant. Then, it will become easier to determine which type of weed killer will be best for spring and summer.

After reading that list of lawn care to-dos, you might be thinking, “pH levels? Soil testing? How do I know how much to water?” Don’t worry. While lawn care can be tedious, there are professional lawn care and landscape companies that can help. These experts will take the guesswork out of the fertilizing and watering by establishing exactly what your grass needs. Instead of letting your lawn stress you out, enjoy the greenery and hire a lawn service company to do the work for you.

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