Reno Snow Removal Ice Melt Tips

  • Mistake #1:Waiting until the last minute

The benefit of pretreating is that you won’t need as much product in the long run because it prevents ice from bonding to the surface.

  • Mistake #2: Using the wrong product or misusing the correct one

Using the wrong product may result in un melted ice, as well as overuse of product and in some cases can damage your drive way or pavers. When you are using a professional service be sure to ask what kind of ice melt they will be using and if it will damage your driveway. Action Lawn & Landscape can help you with any questions about any of our Reno Snow Removal Services.

  • Mistake #3:Improper storage

Take care of your ice melt products so they can take care of you. Proper ice melter storage will depend on the composition of the product. A good rule of thumb: Ice melters should be stored in airtight containers in humidity-controlled environments. In other words, keep them away from moisture and air.

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