Reno Lawn Care: Maintenance Tips

Reno Lawn Care: Maintenance Tips

To keep your lawn in good shape here are a few tips we share with our customer.

1. Mow frequently with sharblades.Keeping your mower blade sharp is important to keepyour lawn from having a torn or choppy look.

Reno Lawn Care: As you can see the picture to the left shows torn and damaged grass, the picture on the right is a sharp and even cut.




2. Don’t cut too short. The lower you mow the more herbicdes and water you will need because the soil is exposed to the direct sun light. This could lead to scalping Causing damage to the grass and exposing it to disease.

Reno Lawn Care: Cutting the lawn too short ultimately only causes the need for more maintenance and possible damage.


3.Water deeply and infrequently. Over watering can build up excess thatch and is a waste of water. Of course if your area is experiencing a heat wave, don’t be afraid to ask your sprinkler technician to increase the watering time for a bit.

Reno Lawn Care: Water deeply and infrequently. Be sure your sprinklers are over lapping to avoid any dry spots.






4. Grow thick grass and stay on top of weeds. The best way to deal with weeds and diseases is to grow thick turf. Action Lawn & Landscape can help you apply the right fertilizers and herbicides to keep your lawn looking plush and green.

Reno Lawn Care: Keep all weeds under control and apply fertilizers at the right time to keep your lawn thick and healthy


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