Winter Watering for Reno Landscaping

  • Should you water during drought? During periods of winter drought, people become rightfully concerned about their landscape plants and home foundations. During a winter drought, we encourage our customers to water trees, lawns and shrubs and to protect their foundations by using sprinklers and soaking hoses nearby.
  • At what temperature should water be applied to plants? Water can be applied to landscape plants any time the temperature is above freezing and the soil is not frozen so that it can soak into the ground. Once the water is applied, the temperatures can drop below freezing and there will be no harm to the plants. Although most outside faucets have a drain to prevent freezing, for safety reasons, it is best to remove the hose from the faucet and completely drain the hose and sprinkler once the water is applied. Action Lawn & Landscape LLC can assist you with turning on your watering system, watering your plants, and the of course manually draining your Sprinkler System and any of your other Reno Landscaping needs.
  • How much should I water? As a general rule of thumb, soak the soil to at least a depth of 6 to 8 inches. This holds true for the lawn, flowers and some trees and shrubs. This depth provides moisture to the crowns and a vast majority of the feeder roots. Trees should be soaked more deeply.

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